The Beautiful World Collection: Making it work for YOU

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Beautiful World: My Philosophy

Intro-Pic-1 A Beautiful World looks a lot like our real one, except thru filters to magnify the light, shadows, color, and depth. In this sphere, everything in it is interconnected, working seamlessly to create whole. A Beautiful World has balance, because too much sweet leads to rot, and in this environment there is no shame in embracing both the forlorn allure that exists in decay as well as the brilliance of a perfect sunset. Most importantly, here you are the Ruler with the power to bend nature and light to your whim. A place where you can feel at home.

For years, I avoided creating actions because I am not a person who follows a particular “formula” when editing photos and most actions seemed to be about achieving a specific processing look. When I edit, I have an idea in my head of where I want to take a photo and use tools (aka Actions) to get there as efficiently as possible, but rarely do I ever process two photos exactly the same way.

About a year ago, I started thinking about sharing these Tools (fine, call them Actions). I wanted to create an open-ended system of instruments that were endlessly customizable and versatile – allowing the user the flexibility to chart their own course as opposed to having to pick among preset options to find the closest match. I also wanted to account for diversity of style — my own and others — and allow the user to cherry-pick the tools best suited to their unique editing style. I always start clean. Sometimes, that is the end point. But often I take it further, adding artistic touches such as Tints, Vignettes, Mattes, Textures and Overlays. Frankly, it’s adding those touches that makes editing so rewarding for me. I love the transformative process of editing, allowing me to alter the real world into my specific vision.Intro-Pic-2

While I want to give you the tools to start from scratch, I also completely understand that as photographers we are often pressed to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sometimes it is essential to have shortcuts in the sprint to the finish line. That is why I’ve created Quick Starts in the Foundations sets and Beautiful World Road Maps.

All the components in the Beautiful World Collection are fully customizable – nothing gets flattened, all layer effects can be turned on or off and you can adjust the opacity, to intensify or less every effect.

The Beautiful World Actions, Overlays, and Textures are available for CS 2-6, for Adobe Creative Cloud, for PSE 11+ or PSE Versions 7-10 using the Actions Player mode (included in all Elements Products).