JD One-Click Portrait Perfection

• 9 Gorgeous Final Edits Instantly with the Click of a Button!
• 9 Additional Fine-Tuning Actions Included to Customize and Perfect Your Image!
• BONUS: Basic Retouching, Sharpening, Eye-Brightening and Lip Gloss Actions Included!
• 50+ Editable, Stackable, Customizable Action Layers Created
• Easy & User-Friendly — FREE PDF and Video Tutorials – Perfect for New Portrait Photographers!
• Ideal Solutions for Batch Editors Seeking to Speed Workflow Without Sacrificing Quality!
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Create Gorgeous Portraits in Minutes!

Easy for beginners, but sophisticated and
customizable for pros, perfect for batch editors,
this set of actions has everything you need to
craft a beautiful portrait in minutes!

Comprehensive “Audition All” Action

  • Preview ALL action combinations in seconds!
  • Easily customize and blend different actions!

Basic Retouching Combination Action

  • Includes 4 individual actions:
  • Skin Softening
  • Eye Brightening
  • Lip Gloss
  • Sharpening

8 Gorgeous Combination Actions

  • Instant solutions for Artistic, Classic, Underexposed, Modern, Rich, Soft, Urban & Vintage Edits.
  • Each combination action includes multiple single actions built right in that you can access and customize, including: Vignettes, Color Adjustments, Exposure Fixes, and Contrast Adjustments. A total of OVER 50 accessible adjustment layers!
  • All actions are stackable — you can run multiple actions without errors and have the flexibility to make your own unique blends.
  • All actions are 100% customizable: Turn layers on or off and adjust the strength of effects.
  • All actions are nested cleanly on top of your original files and do not damage or flatten your original or any existing adjustment layers.

9 Fine Tuning Actions

  • Clarify, Selectively Add Darkness or Light, Sliders to Easily Adjust Contrast, Color, Saturation and Exposure.

PDF Tutorial Included!

• Step-by-step instructions will guide you on how to install actions, mask, change layer opacities, hide and reveal adjustment layers.

FREE Video Tutorials

• Follow along with me as I demonstrate how to use these actions, including demonstrating masking, adjusting layer opacities, hiding and revealing adjustment layers.

Suggested Usage

• Not sure how to get the most from each action? I explain what I look for in making determinations in the PDF Tutorial.

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THESE ACTIONS work with PSE 11+ BUT are NOT compatible with PSE 10 and below.

Product Info

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One-Click Actions:

• One-Click Audition All
• One-Click Retouch
• One-Click Artistic
• One-Click Classic
• One-Click Fix (Underexposed)
• One-Click Modern
• One-Click Rich
• One-Click Soft
• One-Click Urban
• One-Click Vintage

Fine Tune Actions:

• Clarify
• Paint in Dark
• Paint in Light
• Slider: Brighten
• Slider: Contrast
• Slider: Darken
• Slider: Saturation
• Tone Slider: Cool
• Tone Slider: Warm

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Technical Details

These actions will ONLY work for CS 3, CS 4, CS 5, CS 6, Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) ALL VERSIONS and for PSE 11+ (so, version 11 and higher; not earlier versions).

Please make sure you’ve chosen your products carefully, read tech specifications and double checked items in your cart. Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds.


Video Tutorials

One-Click Portrait Perfection: Audition Demonstration


One-Click Portrait Perfection: Retouching Demonstration


One-Click Portrait Perfection: Underexposed Fix Demonstration


One-Click Portrait Perfection: Audition + Retouching Demonstration



PDF Tutorials

Click here to download the One-Click Portrait Perfection PDF tutorial!



What YOU think about JD One-Click Portrait Perfection!

  • Before-© Brenda Winchester
    After-© Brenda Winchester
    Before © Brenda Winchester After

“One Click Portrait just changed my life in about an hour!!
This is One Click Basic Retouch, One Click Rich, a little dab of Paint in the Dark. I’m in LOVE!!”

Brenda Winchester, a happy customer who wrote this comment only an hour after purchasing