JD Monotones Collection

These black and white actions have been meticulously crafted to allow for tremendous range, diversity and ease of use, while allowing for ultimate control and flexibility whether converting SOOC or color-edited images to Grayscale. Each of the Monotones sets (Artistic and Classic) contain 8 B+W Conversion Actions (each fully customizable), 8 Bonus Adjustment Actions to help you customize and craft your image, and an Audition Action that allows you to quickly preview how different edits would look, providing inspiration and speeding up your workflow!

As an additional editing option, I created JD Versatone Tints, a separate, subtle tint action set that works with these Monotone Black and White actions to create subtle duotones when placed above the B+W edit. These 10 Versatone Tints ALSO work great with color images to provide a gentle color boost. I’ve also included a bonus Audition Action to allow for quick previews, tint mixing and customization!

Finally, I get a lot of requests about how I get freckles to stand out, so I’ve created the JD Freckle Enhancement Brush. You can use this brush on color OR black and white images to make freckles stand out while leaving skin soft and smooth.

You can purchase these actions separately or bundled for additional savings. Preview all the actions with FREE video demonstrations here below!

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Watch How the System Works!

JD Monotones and Versatone Tints Demonstration

JD Freckle Enhancement Brush Demonstration