JD Illumination

JD Illumination Textures are different from my other packs in a couple of ways. While there are 25 unique, high resolution textures as in Texture Packs 1-4, Illuminations also offer a second take on each texture by having it available in both warm and cool tones* for a total of 50 textures in each pack. Most textures in the JD Illumination Texture pack were created with new texture users in mind — I created simpler, less contrasty interiors and easy-to-integrate tones. Seasoned texture users will enjoy them because they pop color and contrast but are simple enough to use that they don’t take a lot of time to tweak. These textures will work well for softer subject matter – boudoir, newborn and families.

Illumination Vol. 1

25 textures, each with 2 tones. Also includes a basic PDF tutorial.

Here below are half of the texture contained in the pack
(I picked some cold and some warm ones):
Illuminations One

JD Illumination Vol. 1:
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• Adagio
• Autumn
• Boxy
• Chocolate
• Curry
• Day Break
• Golden Rod
• Harbinger
• Lava
• Marked
• Pools
• Revelation
• Rust Spots
• Rusted Rainbow
• Sandstone
• Sedona
• Shattered
• Sistine
• Star Spangled
• Starry Night
• Sumatra
• Toffee
• Topaz
• Twinkle
• Valentine

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Illumination Vol. 2

25 brand-new textures, each with 2 tones*. There are also 2 bonus textures that were completely re-worked for vertical positioning. 52 Textures in total. Also includes a basic PDF tutorial.

* Lost Rainbow comes with a second version, but not a different tone.

Here below are half of the texture contained in the pack
(I picked some cold and some warm ones):
Illuminations Two

JD Illumination Vol. 2:
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• Allure
• Aria
• Blossom
• Brood
• Cornered
• Daydream
• Depression
• Drifter
• Elixir
• Encompass
• Genesis
• Glow
• Hope Chest
• Late Moss
• Lost Rainbow
• Lost Story
• Mumbai
• Nebulous
• Pastoral
• Ravel
• Shroud
• Stipple
• Sublime
• Turning Leaf
• Veiled

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Technical Details

• Texture files work with all versions of Elements, Photoshop, and GIMP. This product is not compatible with Lightroom.
• The PDF tutorial included with the textures only specifically addresses Photoshop users. For tutorials demonstrating Elements, GIMP and Photoshop, please visit the Tutorials section on the site’s menu.
• All texture files are high-resolution jpegs sized at 40 x 60 inches at 72 dpi. This translates to 14.4 x 9.6 inches at 300 dpi or 4320 x 2880 pixels.

Please make sure you’ve chosen your products carefully, read tech specifications and double checked items in your cart. Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds.

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