JD Illumination Instant Overlays

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53 Actions in Total, Including:
  • 6 Audition Actions.
    Effortlessly preview all of the 32 Instant Overlays at once, or in categorized groups, with the click of a button. The auditions also help to mix and blend different overlays to create endless different looks and customization, fast.
  • 32 Instant Overlay Actions.
    Do you love working with overlays but often lack the time to grab, place, blend and mask them? Instant overlays are the very first overlay that work with just the click of a button! All the richness, tones, directional light and vignetting that you love, just faster and easier! Overlays are set to a default blending mode and opacity, but you can change these default opacities and blending modes to Soft Light, Overlay, Hard Light, Screen, or Multiply just as you would any standard jpeg overlay!
  • 15 Bonus Actions.
    Thirteen bonus actions including sharpening, saturation, contrast, and color toning add the final touches to images so you can easily edit from start to finish using only the JD Illuminations Instant Overlays set! Plus, two overlay-specific actions help you to flip or intensify the effects of your overlays.
  • Easy & Customizable:
    The actions and overlays are all completely stack-able and adjustable. You can alter the opacity, blend and use in combination with other actions to completely customize your tones. Quick to apply, easy to mask, easy to blend, completely undo-able.
  • Free Video Tutorial and Demonstration
  • Free PDF Tutorial
Click here to watch the demonstration!
Click here to download the PDF tutorial!

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You can purchase the JD Illumination Instant Overlay Actions BUNDLED with my JD Illumination Textures (Volumes 1 & 2) Bundle, which includes the Free Bonus Texture Integration Actions for $90.

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Technical Details

This product is not compatible with Lightroom.
The Illumination Instant Overlay actions will ONLY work for CS 2-6, for Adobe Creative Cloud and for PSE 11+ (not earlier versions).

As for the Textures included in the bundle, they are compatible with CS2-6, CC, PSE 6+ and GIMP.


JD Illumination Instant Overlays Demonstration