JD Force of Nature: Light Effects

JD Force of Nature - Light Effects

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Force of Nature: Light Effects is bold. Unpredictable. Unique. These overlays are chock full of drama, attitude, and artsy appeal, and will pump up even the simplest of images. Discover the magic of the rainbow spectrum, the playfulness of lens flares, and the unique aesthetic light leaks add. This pack is perfect for urban and vintage processing, teen sessions, edgy boudoir shoots, and anything else that might require a powerful punch of personality. Join me in recreating the fun of “artful accidents” as I harken back to the days of the Diana camera. Take the plunge. Discover the Force of Nature: Light Effects.

58 Overlays Total

28 flares total (11 rainbow, 17 others of various shapes and sizes). Lens flares offer, well, flare! Use these for a little extra touch of magic in your images.
6 light beams. Great for effects like rays streaming through clouds or windows.
24 light leaks. Light leaks add character to your images by giving the appearance of light seeping into either the sensor or physical film of a non-digital camera. These particular leaks show off some great colors and provide an array of options for shape, size, and style. Perfect for adding a little flare in vintage or urban editing!
1 bonus grass overlay. This overlay will save you time and add a soft, grassy foreground by just dragging it in. It’s transparent, so no extra editing required!
13 light effect actions to assist you in editing and add mood to your entire image.
8 overlay enhancement actions to help you get more specific with how your overlays appear.
2 light overlay enhancement actions specifically designed to help you get the effect you want with your flare, beam, and light leak overlays.
1 bonus editing action – “Pop Contrast” – to beef up the contrast in your image.

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• Flare 1
• Flare 2
• Flare 3
• Flare 4
• Flare 5
• Flare 6
• Long Flare 1
• Long Flare 2
• Long Flare 3
• Long Flare 4
• Long Flare 5
• Long Flare 6
• Long Flare 7
• Long Flare 8
• Long Flare 9
• Long Flare 10
• Long Flare 11
• Long Flare 12
• Rainbow Flare 1
• Rainbow Flare 2
• Rainbow Flare 3
• Rainbow Flare 4
• Rainbow Flare 5
• Rainbow Flare 6
• Rainbow Flare 7
• Rainbow Flare 8
• Rainbow Flare 9
• Rainbow Flare 10
• Green Grass Bonus
• Dusty Rays
• Light Beam 1
• Light Beam 2
• Light Beam 3
• Light Beam 4
• Light Beam 5
• Dusty Light Leak 1
• Dusty Light Leak 2
• Dusty Light Leak 3
• Dusty Light Leak 4
• Dusty Light Leak 5
• Dusty Light Leak 6
• Light Leak 1
• Light Leak 2
• Light Leak 3
• Light Leak 4
• Light Leak 5
• Light Leak 6
• Light Leak 7
• Light Leak 8
• Light Leak 9
• Light Leak 10
• Light Leak 11
• Light Leak 12
• Light Leak 13
• Light Leak 14
• Light Leak 15
• Light Leak 16
• Light Leak 17
• Light Leak 18

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Technical Details

Overlay files work with all versions of Elements, Photoshop, and GIMP. This product is NOT compatible with Lightroom.
The Bonus Actions will work ONLY in CS2 and up and PSE 7 and up. For more details, please click here.
All overlay files are high-resolution jpegs sized at 40 x 60 inches at 72 dpi. This translates to 14.4 x 9.6 inches at 300 dpi or 4320 x 2880 pixels.

Older systems with limited hard drive space or RAM may encounter delays or shut downs if enough drive space is not allocated to Photoshop.

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Force Of Nature Pack 2 Light Effects Demonstration