JD Beautiful World Tints


Beautiful World Tints

The Beautiful World Tint Actions can be used at any point in your editing process. They are completely customizable and are designed to play well together, forming an endless variety of combinations to gently — or drastically — affect an image’s tone.

There are Four Beautiful World Tint Packs to choose from: Earthy, Fine Art, Soft, and Vivid. Each action in the set is color-weighted, designed to affect images based on the original image’s tones and exposure and to help you get to know how they will affect your photos, I’ve included a Audition and Blend Action in each set that will allow you to quickly preview and blend tones to perfectly customize for your image and editing style.

These actions, especially when paired with the Eight Bonus Tint Adjustment Actions, can be used to do all the color edit work on an image. The tints have also been designed to work perfectly in conjunction with the other Beautiful World Components (Foundations, Paints, Vignettes, Color Splash, Matte + Haze, Overlays, and Textures).

Please click on the tint set to see examples, videos and bundling options.