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The Extra Sharp Detail Brush and the bigger set of actions called Detail Enhancement + Correction Brushes (which also contains the Extra Sharp Detail Brush) are part of a bigger and more complex product called JD Beautiful World Foundations.
Here below you’ll see what the Detail Enhancement + Correction Brushes set contains.

Detail Enhancement + Correction Brushes
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• Black Detail Definition
• Brighten: Backlight Recovery Brush (Strong)
• Brighten: Beautifully Brighten Brush (Subtle)
• Details: Extra Sharp Detail Brush
• Details: Nondestructive Burn Brush
• Details: Nondestructive Dodge Brush
• Details: Paint In Saturation
• Details: Paint Out Saturation
• Details: Selective Blur Brush
• Details: Shadow Detail Finder Brush
• Fix: Undo Plus Brush
• Fix: Total Undo Brush

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Technical Details

CS2-6 + CC Compatible. PSE 11+ or PSE Versions 7-10 using the Actions Player mode (included in all Elements Products).
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Please make sure you’ve chosen your bundle carefully and double checked items in your cart. Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds.

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