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  • 21 High Resolution Clouds Overlays. All images are included at high resolution (minimum size 5760 x 3840 pixels or 19.2″ x 12.8″ at 300 dpi). Images are large to move around your image to find the perfect placement without worrying about image degradation.
    All cloud images have been retouched to remove any extraneous details such as power lines, trees, etc., to allow for easy, hassle-free integration.
  • 9 High Resolution Color Overlays. Pop color, add depth, deepen tones or imply a light source simply by adding an overlay. These rich overlays with have a great selection of color, light, and drama to work with any photo that could use a little extra pizzazz.
  • 3 High Resolution Grass Overlays: Instantly cover gravel, brown or dead grass with beautiful grass overlays. One is designed to be used for close up images, the other two will work for a variety of situations.
  • 3 High Resolution Flare Overlays: One stationary overlay and two completely movable overlays that will allow you to add a little extra drama to your photos.
  • 1 Cloud Integration Action: This action was specifically designed to help you lessen editing time and achieve more realistic results when placing clouds.
  • Support: Online Tutorial and Video Demonstrations Included.

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• Cake
• Cheery
• Endings
• Gloomy
• Millions
• Morocco
• Opening
• Path
• Picnic
• Pink Bank
• Shine
• Spiced Vapor
• Scallops
• Song
• Summons
• Talisman
• Telepathy
• Tourist
• Universal
• Winsome
• Zoned

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Color Overlays:
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• Calling
• Eclipse Guiding Light
• Lantern
• Last Light
• Prism
• Spotlight
• Sweetener
• Wonderous

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Ground Overlays:
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• Blades of Grass
• Grassy Field 1
• Grassy Field 2

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• Corner Flare
• Umbrella Flare
• Ring Flare

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Technical Details

CS2-6 + CC Compatible. PSE 11+ or PSE Versions 7-10 using the Actions Player mode (included in all Elements Products).
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