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22 Beautiful World Earthy Tints Actions.
  • 13 Beautiful World Earthy Tints Actions. These tints can be used as stand-alone actions, combined with one another, or used in full or lower opacity with other actions to add a finishing touch.
  • 1 Audition and Blend Action – helps to quickly preview and blend all tint actions to give you endless customization, fast.
  • 8 Bonus Tint Adjustment Actions: Saturate, desaturate, warm, cool, and add contrast at the touch of a button. Should skin tones become too affected by the tints, simply use the Soften Skin Tones Brush to neutralize.
  • Easy & Customizable: The actions are all completely stack-able and adjustable. You can alter the opacity or blend and use in combination with other actions to completely customize your tones. Quick to apply, easy to mask, easy to blend, completely undo-able.
  • Support: Online Tutorial and Video Demonstrations Included.

Beautiful World Earthy Tint Actions:
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• Butter
• Dusty
• Ginger
• Gravity
• Honey
• Ivory
• Moonshine
• Mossy
• Overcast
• Pewter
• Rhubarb
• Silvertone
• Terra Cotta

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Bonus Tint Adjustment Actions:
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• Soften Skin Tones Brush
• Tint Contrast
• Tint Saturation
• Beautifully Desaturated
• Cool Highlights
• Cool Highlights Brush
• Warm Highlights
• Warm Highlights Brush

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Technical Details

CS2-6 + CC Compatible. PSE 11+ or PSE Versions 7-10 using the Actions Player mode (included in all Elements Products).
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