JD Autumn Tones Actions Overlays and Paints

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  • 9 Fall Enhancement actions that add a beautiful, warm fall glow to images.
  • Completely redesigned actions stabilize skin tones for easy use and fast edits.
  • Intuitive controls allow you to easily customize to your personal taste.
  • 3 Audition Actions for quick previews and easy customization.
  • 7 Fall Paint-In Tones for trees, leaves, or anywhere else you want fall colors to appear.
  • 1 Leaf Application Brush to apply paint in tones to trees in a realistic way.
  • 4 Highlight Tones add a soft glow, only in the highlights.
  • 11 Instant Fall-Toned Overlays created by actions to add depth, color and vignettes.
  • 4 Bonus Adjustment Actions allow for easy tweaks.
  • 11 Bonus Enhancement Actions help to fine-tune details and customize edits.
  • Free Video Tutorial
  • Free PDF Tutorial

Technical Details

This product is not compatible with Lightroom.
JD Autumn Set Two actions will ONLY work for Adobe CS 2-6, Adobe Creative Cloud and for Adobe PSE 11+ (no earlier versions).


Please make sure you’ve chosen your products carefully, read tech specifications and double checked items in your cart. Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds.

Saving Options – Choose from these Bundles!

Designed to perfectly compliment one another,
these products allow you to create endless possibilies
for customizing and fine-tuning your Autumn images.
PLEASE NOTE: Set One will ONLY work with
Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop. Due to the
digital nature of this product, there are NO refunds.

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JD Autumn Transformation Tones Demonstration