Before and After… Textures include: Nova (soft light mode), Cathedral (soft light mode 82%), Grit (soft light mode, 50%) from Super Grunge Vintage and Lava (cool) in exclusion mode at 30% from Illuminations 1 and Brood (cool) in soft light mode at 20% from Illuminations 2. I realize everyone processes differently and has different tastes. I’m not looking for any constructive criticism, just posting before and afters for people interested. Thanks 🙂


Close up to show detail… Clearly, it would have been better had I nailed the exposure, but it’s usable, particularly if I were to spend the time sharpening the eyes and softening the noise in the skin tones…. This would print at 100% at 12/5 x 18.5 inches.


before during after

This is for folks who wanted to see how I created the final image.
For those wanting to see the SOOC 

Edited but w/ texture layers turned off…

“Chocolate” in Linear Burn at 47%, then added “Star Spangled Blur” in soft light mode (both from Illuminations v.1)

This image was used to create all the "fabric".

This is the fabric you see in all the shots. I digitally manipulated this photo for all the fabric draping you see with the exception of the b&w shot of her lying down, looking up, that is this fabric. Initially, I attempted to use the fabric but it didn’t look that great.

Halloween / October Magic :)

I’m a little late (sorry, life is crazy over here right now as I’m sure it is for you too) but I wanted to share some of the amazing Halloween / October themed photography shared on my page over the past two weeks. This is by no means all the photos, and I do apologize to those who posted images I wasn’t able to include — I loved them all but I did need to narrow it down as there were many, many great pics put up. I also didn’t include some of the more graphic photo interpretations — not because I don’t like them — just because my kids see this page and I wanted to keep the content a bit tamer… 🙂

Thank you all so much for adding these creative works to my wall 🙂

I’d love to open November up for a theme as well: “I’m thankful for….”