February 365 Project Images

I’ve stayed committed to my 365 challenge, on the good days and the bad. As you can see, I have 28 new images below. Most taken in the month of February, some from the archives, sessions I never truly “finished” and wanted to revisit. In this journey, some days decisions are easy, some days I struggle, but the goal for me is producing work. I am a firm believer that you grow by forcing yourself to move quickly, not by slow deliberation. It’s been a productive month. I released the Raindrop Overlays and I’m thrilled to see the work others are doing with them. I created a tribute to a life-long friend’s father who passed (RIP, Charlie). I worked on close ups, distance shots, my color grading, and compositing. Perhaps most importantly, I got more shots of Vivi who continues to grow like a weed. Thank you for your interest in this project. The encouragement I receive from others inspires me to continue.

2 Comments on “February 365 Project Images

  1. With beautiful light, with camera, with thoughtful action from the caring heart…this world is a better, more remarkable place because Jessica Drossin graces it. Thank you.

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