January 2019 Images

The 365 Challenge I’ve given myself has me hopping. With only five exceptions, ALL of these images were shot in January. All were edited this month. 42 images below… And I’m not sharing them all so as to not be too repetitive. It’s so funny…. I feel the OPPOSITE of burned out. My brain is on fire, I feel like things are just starting to get rolling. Working this fast is eliminating the anxiety and second-guessing from my editing. It’s forcing me to make choices and react quickly.  I am in a very happy creative space.

In addition to making these images, I also went to the dentist, made a new dinner recipe (I liked it, the kids…not so much), went to baseball practices and games, and nursed a sick kid through a stomach bug and then the flu… with a sick husband. I did NOT however (even though I also got the stomach bug on New Year’s day), lose the 10 pounds I was hoping to. I tell myself that’s why God created February.

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  1. A wonderfully impressive start for 2019. Beautiful and inspiring accomplishments and creations…the great Phoenix rises!

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