New Years Goals, Part 3

In last two weeks, I started posting my New Year’s goals and intentions. Since I have many, I’m doing this in segments. I’m sharing these publicly because I like the accountability and I also hope that these thoughts might be helpful to others.


Shoot and edit whatever moves me, but organize my posts differently.

For years, I’ve weighed whether it was better to segment my work a bit more to suit my audience. I’ve finally decided that it makes sense to do so, and as a result I am focusing on growing these new, segmented accounts on Instagram and Facebook. My main pages for Facebook and Instagram will stay the same, but I’m adding micro accounts which will be focused on portions of my work to give my online portfolios more cohesion. If you’d like to follow, here’s how I’m organizing things as of now:

Main Facebook Page

Main Instagram Account

Fine Art Facebook Account

Fine Art Instagram Account



365 Project Instagram Account


Saying “NO” to drama. I refuse to get embroiled in Facebook drama. I’m eliminating all sources of it, even relationships if necessary, so that I can focus on my family, my business and my art. I find the drama on Facebook to be destructive to all my goals.


Getting in the frame. I’m not 100% happy with myself, but I’m determined to show up in more pictures with my family and also, in my own art. I am working hard to feel better about myself by taking time to focus a little on me. I feel like the issues are so intertwined, I don’t get in photos because I look like a truck hit me. So I’m investing in self-care — making time to cook healthier food, exercise, brush my hair, wear pants with zippers…. Baby steps…


2 Comments on “New Years Goals, Part 3

  1. When you find the time to take care of everything and everyone else, the moments are few to find for yourself. Such an impressive course you have charted. A wonderful path for those baby steps to follow. Well done, Jessica.
    ps-just in case your own mirror fails to fully reflect back what others see so clearly in you, please know this – the frames you fill possess a thoughtful and beautiful presence. They shine…even in the rain.

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