Happy New Year!

I feel like I could do a whole month full of blog posts about all my goals and resolutions for this year. And I might! I have an ambitious agenda. I’m EXCITED.

I’m going to share some of my thoughts in installments, in no particular order, but break them apart in small chunks so I don’t overwhelm myself and quit, so look for a new post next week 🙂

GOAL ONE: I’m going to be pushing myself to do a 365 project. I intend to shoot, edit and post once a day, every day. Now it may not all be the same image (for example, I may shoot an image on Monday, edit an image from the previous Thursday and post a finished — but unpublished — image from the previous day). I’ve created a new Instagram purely for this purpose, to keep that work separate from my normal images. At one week in, here is where I’m at:

GOAL TWO: Shooting in the moment.
Backstory: Here in Southern California the leaves just really began turning colors and falling right before Christmas… at least in my little corner of SoCal. I was driving home and saw my neighbor’s yard. Two golden trees, golden leaves puddled on the ground, an antique light-post, tiny Christmas lights strung around one of their trees. ***Instant inspiration!*** Now this sort of thing happens to me often, I’ll see something I’ve seen a million times before, but one day I will see it differently and think: Aha!” The down-side is that *usually* I tend to put off actually getting around to that inspiration because I have some other, more urgently needed thing I feel I need to do….(these kids and their darn demands to be regularly fed…sigh!) And then I forget it or the moment never truly repeats itself.

This year, I’m going to make time to act on my impulses. This shot took literally 3 minutes to take. It was all there, I just needed to make the image a priority in my schedule. I’m challenging myself not to wait, not to see if I can improve upon something, not to waiver and delay but in those perfect words of the Nike campaign: Just Do It.

More of my Goals in next week’s blog post 🙂

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  1. Happy New Year to you Jessica!! I love this idea!! I’ve suddenly developed a strong desire to paint, and I’ve always “wished” I could but thought there was no way. I shocked myself by painting my own Christmas cards and I actually loved them!! That’s one of my goals this year. To paint. I know what you mean about the sudden inspiration after seeing something. Mine is usually from seeing light, even if it’s a small patch falling across my couch. I know without a doubt I can do more than what I’ve done and my overall goal this year is to push myself to be better at everything I love artiscally. Thanks for the boost of inspiration! I always love seeing your work and can usually recognize it instantly!!

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