New Years Resolve: Photography, Social Media and Finding Purpose in 2018

Happy New Year!

Recently, I took a step back from social media to consider what was important to create and what was worth-while to share, both in photography and in life… Proper perspective in both is everything.

My New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to be bold. With Facebook algorithm changes, an intense political landscape, a new family dynamic including a high-schooler and a baby, gaining weight (and not losing it) from the pregnancy… Well, it all manifested in me feeling a uncertain.

And social media magnifies insecurities.

Since having my baby, it’s been hard for me to shake off the trolling comments. I will never understand the need by some to be needlessly hostile, but I have to assume that times are hard for many, especially around the holidays. Happy people do not go out of their way to insult another’s art or their baby’s appearance. Honestly, I’m lucky — the vast majority of those who interact with me are extremely kind. It’s funny how out of a hundred compliments, I will reel from one stranger’s put-down. Unfortunately, the mean-spirited comments (whether about my photography or my family) tempted me to hide the things I loved to share most. But I soon discovered that not posting wasn’t the answer either. I’m an artist and specifically, a portrait photographer. I create to interact. I want to share images and ideas, tell stories and hear them.

The bottom line is that I can complain and retreat or I can change my reaction and response. The goal this year is to find opportunities in any situation, seek the positive, overcome the distraction, be transparent and unapologetic in pursuing a productive, healthy and meaningful 2018.

Whatever your goal, I wish you the best. I truly believe that art can bring positive change, both for its creator and its viewer. I wish you the power to change the lives of yourself and others for the better this year. Photography is a passion worth fighting for.

This photograph was taken indoors (in my dining room actually, lol), using window light, using a white board to help reflect a little light back onto my subjects. It is intentionally edited to be dark and dramatic. I used the processing tools  JD Looking Glass Cool presets in ACR, JD Dark Splendor Actions and finished with hand edits in Photoshop.

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