The Inspired Series: Marta Everest

One of the best things about being someone who creates tools for other artists is seeing how they integrate them in unique and exciting ways. My goal in creating products is simply to offer tools to help people express themselves creatively by giving them options. My products are designed to be highly customizable so artists can develop signature looks while still saving time and offering fresh tools to inspire.

In case you didn’t know, I have a Facebook user’s group, Beautiful World Actions, Overlays and Textures by Jessica Drossin, which is not limited to simply Beautiful World products, but instead is open to everyone who uses any of my products in their edits. It’s a safe place to learn, get inspired, request constructive criticism (key word being “constructive” and ONLY if you ask for it!), and share your work with like-minded artists.

My goal is to highlight a user every month whose work can inspire others. To kick things off this month, I’d like to introduce you to the work of Marta Everest. Marta’s work is truly unique and beautiful, with a old-world look more like a painting than a photo. Marta’s gorgeous use of light and subdued use of color transports me to another world. She uses textures differently than I do and I hugely admire how she manages to show boldness, but also restraint, in how she integrates them into her workflow.

I hope you enjoy this interview and the fantastic work of Marta Everest as much as I do.


Marta Everest - 2

Q: Can you tell us a little about your background? How did you become interested in photography and what lead you to using textures in your portrait work?
A: I was born and raised in Sevilla, Spain in a very loving family that I always thank God for. I moved to the United States soon after I got married in 1998 and in 2004 we decided to move back to Spain to start a new life and raise our children. Today, I’m the mother of 5 wonderful children that mean the world to me. I became interested in portrait photography in 2002 when a photo of my oldest daughter won the 1st place at the American Baby Contest and then another photo won 2nd place the following year. I felt I had a good shot in the portrait photography world so I just pursued and followed my dream. I bought my first digital camera and my first editing software in 2007, totally clueless on what to do with it. I didn’t discover textures until a few years later and I just found myself immediately driven to them. Today they’re an essential tool in helping me create a story.

Marta Everest - 3
Marta Everest - 4

Q: Can you describe your process a bit? How do you select which texture to use? What mode do you blend them with? Do you apply them at the beginning or end of the edit?
A: I start all my RAW editing process in Lightroom before adding the last finishing touches in Photoshop. Once in PS the first thing I do is to apply different actions and tints to the photo until I find just the perfect tone that I’m aiming for and I adjust the opacity if necessary. Sometimes I also like adding a cyan color filter to some of my images to reduce warmth. Once the tone it’s been applied the search for the perfect texture begins. I usually aim for the same textures all the time (cool tone ones are my favorite) simply because I’m more familiar with them and they blend really well with the skin so I don’t need to remove any of it. When I find the right texture I simply apply it using a soft light blending mode and last I just do the necessary adjustments in the curve panel until the image looks pleasing to the eye, and not too contrasty.

Marta Everest - 5
Marta Everest - 7

Q: The photos of your children are so beautiful! How do you make them feel so timeless? Do you purely use natural light?
A: My goal is to keep my work fundamentally simple, but at the same time, I strive for an artistic feel to it, something evocative and imperishable. With the help of a single softbox (no flash) and in a confined space (my house small living room) I’m able to create the perfect scene for all my photos.

Marta Everest - 8
Marta Everest - 9

Q: What sorts of emotions or ideas do you hope to communicate in your images? What inspires and influences your artistic decisions?
A: I want my photos to be able to tell a beautiful story from long long ago and sometimes I just want them to be a reflection of something that the children enjoy doing when they’re at home, without the use of too many props. Just the moment and a soft light. Where do I find my inspiration? I find it in some of the old master paintings (Rembrandt, Vermeer…) and even Morgan Weistling. He’s an amazing artist!! and sometimes I look for inspiration in a children’s book, a movie, or even classical music can inspire me.

Marta Everest - 10

Q: What JD product could you recommend to others who might be inspired by your work?
A: If I could recommend a product it would definitely be any of the JD Beautiful World Tints and the JD Illumination Textures 2 or Beautiful World Textures.


Marta Everest’s work can be found here.

7 Comments on “The Inspired Series: Marta Everest

  1. Wow! These images really spoke to me. I admire this look so much. The classic composition and lighting are my ideal. May I ask which JD textures are used in these images? She mentioned that, “I usually aim for the same textures all the time (cool tone ones are my favorite) simply because I’m more familiar with them and they blend really well with the skin so I don’t need to remove any of it.” Which ones are her favorites? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Lorelei! and sorry for my late reply. My favorites textures from the Illumination Textures 2 are Aria 2 and Ravel (both warm and cool) and from the World Textures series I love using Ghost, Poetic and Refuse. I hope this helps!!

  2. I cannot even take the beauty of these photos all in, I honestly cannot stop looking!

  3. You have created a timeless look. So…So…beautiful and haunting. Your talent and creativity are evident in all your photos. You inspire to make the impossible a reality. Well Done!

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