Instagram 365 Challenge Week 3 Round Up :)

A resolution of mine this year is that in addition to showing my regular business/work portraits, I’m also going to attempt to do a 365 of my “real life” images as well… I want to challenge myself to create good portraits with no special props, locations or photoshopping.

When I started this on Jan. 1, some friends and followers asked if they too could join in and I thought it would be fun. The one basic rule is it’s a photograph a day, describing your life, taken with a camera phone.

I’m not going to feel like a failure if I don’t get all 365 and you shouldn’t either. I think it would be a huge win just to document ALMOST everyday for a year. That would be about a 300 day improvement over last year so I figure it’s still a huge step in the right direction!



Jan. 15, 2015

We’re at the dentist. For the third of many visits scheduled. Today is a little intense, we’re dealing with a nerve that was infected. I’m grateful that his dentist is gentle and gifted with being able to distract kids. He’s anxious, I’m nervous, and all good thoughts are much appreciated as we deal with the aftermath of the fall and his hyper calcification issues. 15/365


Jan. 16, 2015

Can you spot the Chiweenie in this picture?
I was talking on the phone, thinking I was alone, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted my favorite little piddler, ensconced in Logan’s bed, hidden among his stuffed animals. She is NOT trusted to be in Logan’s room alone so she was trying to keep a very low profile and almost succeeded! 16/365


Jan. 19, 2015

And here is why we don’t go out for Jamba Juice more often as a family…. We’d just gotten our juice, and my kid said, “can you hold this?” Then proceeded to do a pitching wind up and knocking the juice right out of my hand… Thank goodness the guys working there played ball and have some empathy, lol. 19/365


Jan. 21, 2015

Playing with toy cars before school. 21/365

#JD 365 Image Pool Spotlights

In addition to my own 365 project, I want to include some lovely moments from others “playing along” and adding their work to the community under the hashtag #JD365Project. Please be sure to give them some love and consider adding YOUR best “everyday” images captured with your camera phone (only) to our image pool. It’s NEVER too late to join.


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