March JD Beautiful World Photo Challenge and Contest

About a month ago, I started the JD Beautiful World Community on Google +. It’s become an every day meeting ground where photographers and artists can share ideas, artwork, and inspiration. It’s a friendly group that is about being supportive to those at all skill levels.

Last month (March) was our first Photo Challenge / Contest. I am very late in posting the result and so I am grateful to the group members who were so patient as the whole JD staff (me, my assistant Melissa and my Webmaster Elena) were all out on Spring Break.

The March Photo Challenge Theme was “Magic”. Entrants were asked to consider what is magical to you? It could be as simple as a child blowing on a dandelion, making a wish or it could be an elaborate, themed set up. Magic is a loaded word, there have been both good connotations and bad throughout time. Whether you chose to document “real” magic or create it in PhotoShop, have fun and push yourself to go outside your comfort zone.

For these challenges, the rules are as follows:

Anyone can participate, but prizes will be awarded to people who include the following hash tags:
• Name of the JD product used (the name of the action / texture / overlay)
• #JDBeautifulWorld
• #MarchPhotoChallenge

2 Winners: Judge’s Choice & Popular Choice. Each will win $250 Gift Certificate to anything in the JD Photography store. Photos from the group pool will be featured on my blog as well as on my Facebook page.

I was terribly torn between two other entries for my JUDGE’S CHOICE, so this month I will be awarding TWO Judge’s Choice Awards.

The first goes to Morgan Aislyn with her charming snow scene.

Morgan Aislyn

The second goes to The Saga with her imaginative and brooding portrait of her daughter.

The Saga

I am thrilled to announce that the POPULAR CHOICE WINNER for March is from Whimsical Wonderland Photography.

POPULAR CHOICE WINNER Whimsical Wonderland Photography

April Photo Challenge

The April Photo Challenge / Contest Begins on April 7. The Theme is SPRING. You can interpret this theme literally or figuratively – it could be about documenting the return of green grass and flowers, having a “spring” in the step, a tiny bubbling waterway, or you could even go mechanical and show me a metal spring. See the Wikipedia for even more inspiration!

Since I am delayed in posting this, you will have an additional 4 days to get your challenge together (April 11), and the schedule will move back by four days for the other milestones as well. Announcements will be made the week of April 21st.

Please consider joining us! No purchase is necessary as I offer free textures (see also the free Nostalgia texture here) you can play with to enter 🙂

Honorable Mention Images

Please see the JD Beautiful World Community page to view the photos at a larger size and see the artist’s names.





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  1. Thank you so much to everyone! I am so thrilled to have won the popular choice award for March. The group has been so positive on G+ and I am so happy to be a part of it. Thank you to Jessica for creating the group. I love seeing all of the great work posted there and everyone is truly an inspiration. Thank you again!!

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