November Contest and Photo Challenge

Winners and Honorable Mentions

This month’s theme was “Thankful”, but we added a twist to make it interesting. We wanted to know what you were grateful for, but asked that you utilize an interesting perspective in your shot, see how high or low you could shoot, play with framing. As always, you all impressed! WE are so thankful you shared what matters to you with us – here are the results!


Popular Vote Winner

Sarah Embree

Used: Force of Nature

IMPORTANT NOTE: Contestants are allowed to win the “People’s Choice” portion of the vote contest only once.


Judge’s Choice Winner:

“I Will Miss You”
Stephanie Geisler

Used: Sublime

Both winners will receive a $50 Amazon gift card, as well as $150 to the Jessica Drossin Store!


Honorable Mentions:

Christen Wrighter Photography

Used: Harper, Sublime

Melissa Bryant

Used: Harper

“Falling For Jimmy”
Teresa Schmid

Used: Turning Leaf, Brood

Jennifer Sharp

Used: FON Sun flare

“Fall Fever”
Teri Meyers

Used: Super Grunge Urban textures

Karen Flaagan

Used: Force of Nature, Light Leak, Sheer Haze Overlay, Enchantment texture

“Worth 6,000 Words”
Maggie Mayper

Used: Infested

“Autumn Ever After”
Linda Martinka

Used: Late Moss, Blossom

“My Wife Who Lets Me Work With All Those Beautiful Girls”
Marcus Heilemann

Used: Beam 1

“Joy Fallen”
Kelly Daub

Used: Harper, Sublime 

What a great group of artists we have here. That’s what I’m really grateful for. Congratulations to all for your hard work and support of each other. Stay tuned for next month’s challenge – involving a GIFT from me ;).

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  1. Wow..such talent…I am so drawn to the macro of the snail…I LOVE macro!! But all of them are so wonderful!!!

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