February Photo Contest: Love

 Well, as excited as I was about last month’s contest, I am even more ecstatic about this month’s!  We had more participants, incredible vendors, and the creativity surrounding our “love” theme has been awe-inspiring.  To tell you the truth, I had a really hard time picking just 10 honorable mentions, and I could see that you all dug deep and took the theme to heart (pun totally intended).  Thank you to the returning participants, as well as the new-comers; you all made this a fabulous round two!  Love to you all!

And the winners are . . . . 

Top Vote Winner:
Our “People’s Choice Winner” who received the most votes in the photo contest was Violaine Meunier of Photo by Violaine.  This photo is entitled “Waiting for My Love” and tells the story of the day Voilaine awaited her volunteer firefighter husband’s return from a call.  Violaine used a texture that is TBA 🙂 and will receive one of the price packages worth $370.  Congratulations, Violaine!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Contestants are allowed to win the “People’s Choice” portion of the vote contest only once.

Judge’s Choice Winner:

This month’s Guest Judge (and one of our February Vendors!) is Elena Wilken, a very talented photographer, designer, and owner of EW Couture.  Originally hailing from Romania, Elena has made a home here in the US and created a truly elegant business that all of us photographers can appreciate. 
Elena’s choice was this photo entitled “Adoration” by Lisa Prystash of Willow Hollow Photography.  Elena comments, “There are a number of images that caught my eye, but this one stole my heart.  I love the subject of the image – both the mother and child and the moment captured are beautiful. The post processing treatment feels unique and interesting to me. I am drawn to the painterly feel and the drama it adds. While it makes me think of old frescos, it’s not one of those typical still and serene moments. It’s one of those in-between moments.  He is content, but ready to say or do something. The mother looks like she is in the middle of telling him quietly a little story. There is beauty in the way she holds him and her stance breaths love and a feeling of peace, and quiets the movement. . .  Life is filled with in between moments. Love brings beauty to them and ties them all together in a beautiful story….That’s what my heart’s eye sees when looking at the image.”

Lisa used the textures “Murmur” and “Sublime” and she will receive one of the $370 prize packages.  Congratulations, Lisa!

February Contest Honorable Mentions

Once again, regardless of whether or not you entered the contest, if you chose to upload your Love-themed photo to my wall, I wanted to highlight some of the work. As I mentioned earlier, it was REALLY tough to choose just 10 this month, but here, in no particular order, are the hair-splitting results:
“Two Men, One Car”
by Nicole Carpenter of Nicole Carpenter Photography
Texture used: Murmur

“A Whole New World”
by Erin Campbell of Erin Campbell Photography
Texture used: Heart Bokeh Overlay

by Peggy Wolff of Peggy Wolff Photography
Textures used: Brood Cool

“Love Behind the Mask”
by Cherie Stenson of Cherie Stenson Photography
Texture used: Debased

“Unconditional Love”
by Auburn Wendover of Auburn Wendover Photography
Textures used:  Bonded, Lost Story

“Goddess of Thornes”
by Alba Elena of Alba Elena Photography
Textures used:  Curry Blurred, Delta

“Inspiration From the Heart”
by Johanna M. Ochs of PhotO;Owl Photography
Texture used:  Modern

“Mama’s Love”
by Tammy Wilson of T. Wilson Photography
Textures used: Ryder

“Love is Memory”
by Joanne Ellen of Josephiney Photography
Texture used:  Sea Storm

by Shae Foster Lorigan of Saflower Photography
Texture used:  Harper

Once again, THANK YOU to all who participated, especially our generous vendors!  I have been dreaming of the day that I could host regular contests, and I’d say we are off to an amazing start with these two under our belt.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the entries, the support you have shown each other, and the creativity that is flowing out of all of you!  Cheers to YOU!

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