February Photo Challenge and Contest

February’s Challenge is all about showing your love: What motivates you to take pictures, what do you love, what inspires you? Share with the JD Textures group what gives your work passion.

This month’s challenge / contest will be held between Feb. 15-20th, with winners and honorable mentions announced here, on this blog,  Feb. 22. Contest entries must be added to a 3rd party tab application, not associated with Facebook. Any one can participate in the challenge, but to win a prize, you must use one of my textures and identify it in your description. I will make this contest link available next week 🙂

Two winners will be chosen, one by popular vote and one by a judge’s choice.  Additionally, if you’d like to participate without competing, post your photo to my Facebook wall, mention it’s for the contest, and I’ll pick my top 10 favorites to receive honorable mentions on my blog!

This month, we are lucky enough to have some fabulous prizes donated by these generous vendors:

$150 gift certificate to The Law Shop.
To be eligible to win Rachel’s forms, you must “like” her Facebook Page!

A $50 Gift Certificate to EW Couture.

A $35 Gift Certificate to Melon Seeds Designs.
A $35 Gift Certificate to Bella Una Boutique.

$100 Gift Certificate to Jessica Drossin Textures.
Please Note:
There will be two winners, one by popular vote and one by a pre-selected judge.  In order to be fair, if you happened to win last month’s popular vote, you are now only eligible to be the judge’s pick winner.  Best of luck to all!

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