Announcing the JD Super Grunge Vintage Texture Collection Winners!

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the JD Super Grunge Vintage Textures Photo Contest and Giveaway. It’s made the launch of this this new pack extremely exciting and fun for me. I loved seeing all the entries and know that many others did too. It was very inspiring! For the contest, the rule was that the contestants needed to use the FREE Super Grunge Texture “Downpour”. Three winners were selected as a result of receiving the top number of votes, three winners were chosen by a panel of esteemed judges. Five winners were randomly selected in the giveaway.

HUGE thanks to the fabulous women at The Maternal Lens. I bother them frequently and they have yet to disappoint me with their insights and eye. Thank you Shannon, Jen, Meg, Sarah, & Megan

Top Vote Choices… 
 “Downtown Music” by Amie Gomez Photography



“The Girl with Flaxen Hair” by Angelina Buswell, of Beautiful Moment Photography.


“Cityscape” by Christina Thomas
Judges Choice Winners… 
 “The Look” by Kristie Bradley Photography
“A Song For The Painter” by LunahZon Photography



 “Jessica” by Danielle Paynter Photography
The Giveaway winners, as chosen by Random.Org:


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