Featured Artist Spotlight: Angelina Buswell

Back in May, one of my very favorite photography blogs, The Maternal Lens and I collaborated on a fun photo challenge for JD Textures users — a contest where photographers demonstrated their unique creativity in integrating textures into their photos. There was a tremendous response and hundreds of votes cast. It was a huge honor and thrill to see all the beautiful work. The photos were narrowed down to the top ten by fan votes, then a panel of judges selected the winner from those finalists.

I’m thrilled to announce that the winner was Angelina Buswell. All the the following images and words are Angelina’s. Links to her sites are below. She is as sweet as she is talented. Enjoy 🙂

(Texture = Rumble in soft light from JD TP2)

I am arguably one of the biggest Jessica Drossin fans in existence and I am so excited to be featured on her blog ! Each one of her textures is an unique piece of art that combined with my  photos,  gives me infinite possibilities.  It is an honor to be featured by an artist whose work has been so inspiring to me. 

(Texture = Goldenrod in overlay from JD Illuminations)
Nothing has catapulted my love of photography more than having children.  I love to capture those simple fleeting moments in their lives. For me, photography is my artistic outlet, and being an at-home-mom and homeschool teacher of three young children– boy do I need an outlet! 

(Texture = Destitute in soft light from JD TP2)

 In my opinion, more than anything else, photography is about telling a story. I think it is the photojournalist in me that enjoys using my lens to give a narrative.  If I can create an image that people can connect with on an emotional level, I have done my job. My roots in photography started in journalism and I think that will always be evident in my work. 

(Texture = Valentine – cool in overlay mode from JD Illuminations)

If I could give one last bit of advice to all the photogs and future photogs out there reading this, it would be to set aside some of your time and talent to serve one of the MANY wonderful charities and non-profit organizations that can benefit from your work. It could be as simple as one day a year or an ongoing commitment. Not only will it feed your soul and benefit others– it almost never returns void. Please visit my website blog for more information on charities to connect with!

 (Texture = Starry Night – cool from JD Illuminations)

You can view more of Angelina’s beautiful work at http://www.beautifulmomentportraiture.com/ and http://beautifulmomentportraiture.blogspot.com/

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  1. She is just the PERFECT choice. Lovely, narrative images full of life and color. Beautiful work.

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